Make it Monday

I cant believe its ‘MiM’ again! Wow it comes round quick, and I felt inspired to make something a little bit unusual that takes no sewing skill.

you will need…

  • an embroidery hoop, mines a small one.
  • a strip of fabric about 1 meter long or tie a few strips together.
  • jute twine, yarn or ribbon
  • cut outs from magazines, old/damaged books.

Lets get started

  1. Wrap the fabric round the hoop and tie it up.
  2. cut 4 pieces of twine all different lengths.
  3. make small incisions in your pics and pop the twine through tying a small knot.
  4. Cut a long piece of twine and make a ‘handle’ on top of the embroidery hoop to hang your mobile.
  5. find somewhere nice to hang it, you could add more pics over time, photos or mementos!

A Voila!



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