Project Cast Away

Ahoy! Its the launch of a new project called Cast Away.

What is it?

A opportunity to recognise and reach young people aged 6-11 who live in Portsmouth and who may come from a deprived or ‘at risk’ background. Cast Away will offer the opportunity to learn craft skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

Tell me more?

Cast Away will hopefully run for two school terms from September 2011 to April 2012. Over this time children will learn new skills and put them all into practice to create a large boat that will be entirely made by hand. The boat will be a a culmination of knitting, crochet, felting, sewing, weaving and other craft forms. Something to feel really proud of!

What legacy will Cast Away leave?

Before the project comes to close we will aim to help the children set up there own craft club either in school as lunchtime club or at a local youth/community center. This will help to get teachers, carers and friends involved and have a knock on effect for the project.

How can I help?

Over the next few months I will be raising money hoping to see this project come to fruition, its not going to be easy but I feel we have an excellent community spirit in Portsmouth and we can make it happen. I will be applying for funding from various sources including businesses and charities. I hope to match this funding by doing my own fund raising, whether this be through monetary donations, donations of time/skills or materials (yarn etc). My neighbours have already been very generous and given me some large bags of unwanted wool, needles etc. So a massive thank you to them 🙂

Can you:

  • Be part of a sponsored knit/crochet a thon.
  • Offer a skill or experience to an ‘auction of promises’. This could be a set of guitar lessons if you teach guitar, a piece of art work, offer a beauty treatment, do you work somewhere really unique and offer someone a behind the scenes tour? If your a great chef or cook offer to cook a 3 course meal for a dinner party? Whatever it is offer it up and people can have a chance to bid on a great gift or experience!
  • A good old fashioned bake sale!!! Sell cakes to work mates, set up a stall for a day.
  • In a band? Lets do a fundraising gig! At the same time have some crafting going on too.
  • Swap a rama, get together, donate some money in a pot and swap some awesome clothes/homeware etc
  • Offer some time up to help organise events
  • Donate materials/equipment
  • Just give a tenner!

So more details to come of how you can help and how my funding applications are going. Hurrah for making stuff happen!

Leave a comment or email if you can help

Thank you x



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