ou est la lapin?

If your interested in taking part in this project to make bunnies then please contact me by either leaving a comment/email address or emailing ‘oohlalapin@gmail.com

How it works.

  • Make a toy bunny, any size, any shape. Design it yourself or find free sewing patterns here:


wee wonderfuls bunny

craft bunny (a bit more complex)

purl rabbits (love this site full stop)

  • Leave the bunny somewhere in Southsea on or around the 14th April. Take a photo and email it to ooh la lapin.
  • Make someones Easter special, you could leave a note with your bunny too.

6 thoughts on “ou est la lapin?

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  2. Fantastic idea.
    I can’t knit or sew but will happily paint some bunnies to go out on the 14th
    Can plug this event if you want to send me the details.

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