Inside the mind of a freak

Yes its my 100th blog post! So I’m all excited and that, woo hoo!

To mark the occasion I thought I would post some pics up of my ‘Studio’ where I spend about 5-6 hours every freakin day making the kind of cute textile stuff that would make Hello Kitty and Bambi jealous.

Its official that ‘Ooh la Lapin’ has become a full time job, around working for the stunning Aspex Gallery and looking after my disabled son and his little pre- schooler sister its all go!

When I first started this I could never have envisaged it would reach this point. So now we have a lounge/diner in the front room and what was once our dining room is now my place of work. I love it but it is full on and I stop for tea and lunch and that’s about it most days.

So here’s some photos of my beloved studio…










There it is.

I also did a bit of craft bombing on the bus leading up to Valentines day letting folks know they are loved.




happy on the bus

I have also made a few brooches this week…



Lastly I just wanted to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to all the kids who bullied me a school for being a freak or geeky and different. Im doing what I want, I am free and I love it. Yes I believe I live in a world where I am a french lady who lives in a cottage with patchwork bunnies who bake me cakes, who knew?


2 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a freak

  1. Hi hun,

    Love it!! Am so jealous of your workshop!!!!! You need to look at Horn Cabinets online……..I am desperate for one! But they are pricey! I love your work, love you too!!!!

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