random love

I totally dig  Craftivist Collective and their idea of hi – jacking Valentines Day, its about making us think a little bit more about our world and not just soppy cards.

I believe love begins at home and if we cant even care about those around us how can we begin to show love to other countries? Its so important to take care of each other and realise we are loved. I am a Christian and part of my faith is having a strong sense of being loved by Jesus. If your an atheist/humanist or somewhere in between you also have a strong sense of identity and how much ‘love’ is worth. Its about feeling valued. If you can feel this you can begin to share it with others and things start to change!

You can join the Craftivist Valentines hi-jack, or just do your own random act of love/kindness.

I have produced this letter that you could print out, leave it in a card with a little gift somewhere in public.









I just want you to know that you are loved.

You are cared about.

Show someone else you care, do something nice. Make that phone call you have been putting off. Knock on the door of your neighbour and talk to them.

Say sorry.

Make some overblown random gesture.

Smile more.

You are loved.

A friend x


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