sexy pants

Have you ever thought about buying ‘handmade’ under wear?

I didn’t think so. Most of us expect badly put together bras or hugely over priced knickers made from bugger all fabric and bits of itchy lace. Well lets take a fresh look at whats available. Something for all sizes and all prices.

Hopeless (click on link to visit shop)

Vintage Inspired Handmade Silk Lingerie

The image above is from a range produced by Hopeless on etsy with prices ranging from $30 upwards and based in Australia they really are beautiful.

This pretty bow back bra is by seller ‘LoveBabyGrand’ from etsy and based in London. It has a delightful range of pretty underwear and burlesque naughty bits!



Rustic & Romantic – Southern Gothic & Vintage Designs

Check out these vintage and custom made slips right up to plus size for curvier girls. Nothing says sex and romance like a pretty nightie.

What Katie Did

We create and produce beautifully cut, high-quality and affordable undergarments, corsetry and hosiery inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. Our designs are based on vintage patterns, adapted only slightly for modern figures, using authentic fabrics and even old-fashioned production methods wherever possible. We’re proud of our close-knit team, high standards and enthusiasm for great customer service, all of which which have earned us fans worldwide, and led to What Katie Did being worn by stars as lofty as Claudia Schiffer and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. But really, we make our beautiful lingerie for every woman, so she can look and feel like a bombshell, any day of the week.
An amazing UK business, you can even send them your measurement for stunning undies. They are a real success story too. Love them to bits and the shaping longline bra above is only £36!
If you love vintage and alternative clothing then check out if you please a fantastic website full of sultry, fresh and stylish underwear.
The set above is handmade by London maker Bannbee. It retails from £45 depending on your measurements I suppose. Any girl can have beautiful well fitting handmade undies. You just have to know where to look I suppose. So drop some not so suttle hints for Valentines day.

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