how does colour work?

The comments I receive about my work normally involve my use of colour, and there’s a lot of it. I was taught at art school about the colour wheel and colours that lend themselves to one another. I think after visiting Spain regularly for the past 6 years it has changed my mind and is probably the biggest influence on me. In my mind anything goes, though a lot of thought still goes into mixing and matching fabrics.

I always look at photos I have taken to inspire me or just save pictures on my computer.


The childrens room at my Mums Spanish home




In the hill villages women make beautiful rugs


One of the narrow lanes in Granada


It does sound a bit pretentious to talk about ‘colour’ and being ‘inspired’ but colour is amazing. It even stretches to my wardrobe where I hardly own anything black.

one of my quilts inspired by spain

I really have enjoyed writing this and have found some fantastic photos! My next post is about rope, I bet you cant wait, ha ha.


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