Bag giveaway!

Lets get 2011 off to a good start with a free bag.

Last year I ran a competition to suggest a place to leave a squid and the winners got a turtle and a bunny. So for January Im asking for suggestions on where to hang a pretty granny square crochet garland. Where could do with a bit of cheering up and make people smile?

This is the bag up for offer, it has an ace bunny pocket inside, fully lined and has a fabric bow on the front.

Leave a comment on here, twitter @lapinlou or on Facebook Lou Bush. Winner to be announced on Monday 10th January!

Lou x


3 thoughts on “Bag giveaway!

  1. Ha ha! Beautiful bag, Lou! Thank you for your workshop today: it was a lot, a lot of fun… I learnt a lot and I am bringing a beautiful bag home and many skills on top of that… (never used a sewing machine before today)

    Regarding your question… hummm why not hanging the banner nearby the sea front (where people stop to admire the sea – these kinds of bus stop –) well “sea stop”!) I think they would do with a little ‘revamp”!

    Oh I love this bag! who’s the lucky winner? 😉

    Lots of love,


  2. Hey Lou, Thanks for all your help today. Can I claim the bag or has one of the other girls beat me to it?
    Annette x

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