simple sewing make


As promised and a little late here is a simple gift idea. You will need…

  • A rectangle of fabric, as large or small as you like.
  • A gift tag, I printed mine out from here
  • A piece of ribbon.

First step is to sew your little bag, fold the fabric in half and sew along the bottom and up one side (the folded edge makes up the other side) and of course leave the top open. It really doesn’t matter that the top is a little tatty it adds to the shabby charm of your little bag.

This is also really easy to do by hand whilst watching telly in the evening  or under your desk at work!

ta da!


Now find the centre of the ribbon and with a couple of stitches fix it in place on the side of the bag.

Fill you bag with something festive, could be chocolate but I opted to fill each bag with 4 frankincense and myrrh tea lights so the little bags would smell lovely!

a little bit of advertising for Sainsbury's!


Tie up your ribbon and thread the tag onto it before you finish your bow and its ready!


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