things to do in autumn

autumny treats

1. Us Brits are still getting to grips with Pumpkins and cooking them, so instead of wasting them by making rubbish lanterns make a pie instead. It tastes better and your friends will love you more when you offer it round, click the pie pic for the recipe!

make stuff

2. Make  a hanging garland, a simple one can be uncomplicated and easy. Or copy the one I made above which takes a bit more time but it will look very pretty!

3. Kew Gardens are having an Autumn Festival, hooray for Kew, its a super place. If its a trek then just check out your local gardens/stately homes for beautiful colour.

4. Use up old yarn (or an excuse to buy more/learn) and make ‘granny squares’ to start forming your own delightful crochet blanket.

5. Support UK farmers buy buying from them. Many fleeces just get burned because farmers cant get any money for them and inevitably they go out of business.

The event hopes to highlight the plight of sheep farmers around the world and in Britain, where the cost to shear a sheep now outweighs any profits from selling the fleece. Certain fleeces can be worth as little as £1, resulting in a great number of farmers loosing money. Today’s leading producers of wool are Australia and New Zealand where prices are at a 50-year low. This price collapse in wool production began in 1966 and has continued in a downward trend since, sadly forcing many of the world’s sheep farmers out of business.

Try Wingham Wool Works, for UK yarns including Herdwick sheep, oh lovely Herdwicks!

look at its cute face!


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