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In the UK, one million tonnes of textiles go to landfill every year as the majority of people prefer to buy new clothes instead of re-using and reinvigorating old ones. Only 25% of textiles are recycled here, and with the production of non-organic cotton in particular demanding a huge amount of pesticides, the benefits of giving old clothes a new life are stark.

Wendy Tremayne, the founder of Swap-O-Rama-Rama, agrees there is a deeper reason behind its popularity. “We’re getting sick and tired of consumerism and a world that’s steeped in marketing, a commodified world. But then there is the question of how does one see a way out of it? Swap-O-Rama-Rama, while being a clothing swap at the core, is an event where people make and modify clothing. They learn to be creators rather than consumers.”

Email me Oohlalapin@gmail.com if you want to get involved.

Its a non profit clothes swapping event with crafters on hand e.g screen printers, sewers etc to help you customise and up cycle pieces if the mood takes you!


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