Burts back baby.

I received an email concerning Burt:

Hi there Lou
I found your squid or is it octupussy on Saturday, I thought it was great and decided I’d take it home with me.  I’m sorry I didn’t let you know sooner.
I volunteer in the Cry Charity Shop in Osborne Road on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  I thought I’d put it together with your lovely card with the childrens toys, perhaps someone will offer it a good home and put a donation in our charity box.  Let me know if you are happy with this.
Good luck with your art project.
Regards, Anne
So this afternoon Phoebe and I are off to Cry charity shop on Osborne Road to photograph Burt and make a little display for him and hopefully someone will ove him and donate so cash to this wonderful charity

check them out.

Its wonderful to think that a project of mine that I started to ‘spread happiness’ will be doing just that, in a roundabout way. So if your in the Southsea area come down and you could be Burts new owner. I will also be donating a beautiful handmade Ooh la Lapin bag that will be for sale too.

Blue baby cord bag, hand printed in the U.K and lined with vintage rose fabric.

All profits go to support CRY’s projects.


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