Today I launch the start of  ‘PROJECT BUNNY’.

For some time now I have given my handmade bunnies away when the moment requires it. Sometimes its been because someone needs cheering up, when I have worked in a school, to say thanks but mostly when something kind has occurred.

If you like you can offer a donation for your bunny and all money goes to a local Autism charity PASN.

My project is about the rabbits marking moments in time and celebrating the person and place they go and live with/in.

I hope to receive photos and feedback from recipients and this will help to create a ‘bunny map’. Some of the rabbits will be distributed randomly in public as an impulsive act of kindness.

You can also request a rabbit.

please give the reason for needing a rabbit, for example is it to repay an act of kindness, for a sick child, is it going to live in a classroom or will it be travelling the world with you on an adventure?

Once you have your bunny I will require some feed back to help the project work, that’s all!

email :

If you are interested in taking part please email me.

The above rabbit is going to live at Mary Rose School, I am delivering her today as part of the felt making workshop.

To upload your photos you can also go to the flickr group

HERE and contribute your photos and comments.

One thought on “PROJECT BUNNY

  1. Hi Lou, I have just finally got round to looking at your site, it is wonderful….I had a tear in my eye by the time I had finished!
    You have created such a fantastic idea and I really hope it just keeps on growing for you. We could all do with a little bit more bunny love in the world!
    Sally xxx

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